Artist Show Saturday, January 29th Submission Form

We at Golden Impala are very excited to announce our next Artist Show Night that will be held on Saturday, January 29th 7pm.


1st place winner🥇- will get 6HRS FREE studio session
2nd place winner🥈- will get 4HRS FREE studio session
3rd place winner🥉- will get 2HRS FREE studio session


Top 10 artists to get the most votes will be invited to perform at the Golden Stage.


In order to be considered please follow EASY STEPS
(Please follow all mentioned rules or your submission will not be considered!)


1. Click on either of the options below and hit SUBMIT.
2. Attach your instagram @name and E-mail address and click Send.


Deadline for submissions is January 22nd 10am


DM us for Viewer Tickets
$20 per ticket
Drinks included

Thank you for signing up!

We will add your name to the voting list on our page shortly and also send you the link to share with your friends so they can vote for you.

Good luck!

Please fill out the form and provide your Instagram @name and E-mail address