It can be a little bit intimidating when you start your music career. Stepping inside a professional recording studio to record, mix and master your track to perfection is not always the easiest thing to do. So here’s 5 tips to help you on your artist’s journey.

Get to the studio early
Time is money and you don’t want to waste any of it being late or getting ready. Arrive at the studio on time and deal with all the technical set up beforehand. Make sure you have everything ready to go on your end so that when the time comes, you can jump right into the music.

Trust your Sound Engineer
If you’re a newcomer to the studio, it can be a little scary putting your music into the hands of someone you may not know very well. But don’t worry! Our sound engineers are here to enhance your sound and ensure that you’re happy with the product. Trust the experience they have to take care of you and your work.

Know your vision
It’s extremely important to trust your sound engineer but that involves giving them the best possible chance to really up the value of your tracks. To give them that chance, you need to have a solid vision of what you want and how you want it. Get in there and explain in detail your ideas and hopes for the session. Our sound engineers work at their best when they know what you want and how you want it.

Know your music
Time in the studio can be expensive and you don’t want to waste any of it on simple mistakes. A common mistake is having a half formed song in the studio. Studio time is to professionally record, mix and master your sound. It’s not necessarily to create from scratch. Come in knowing your own music inside and out. You want to get there and get as many takes as you can, without wasting it writing lyrics in the booth.

Have something to reference
Whether you’ve recorded some of your works at home or just have a peculiar song in mind it’s always good to have references. Obviously, don’t copy someone else’s music! But, it’s okay to like the sound of another artist and use it to explain what you want your own music to sound like. Using a reference can really help your sound engineer figure out exactly what you’re going for. If you’re new to the professional studio scene, it’s never a bad idea!

Need any more tips? Feel free to visit us in person! Here at Golden Impala Recording Studio we have the best sound engineers in Los Angeles. They can take your vision and music to the next level! Just take this link to book your next session! We hope to see you soon!