There’s no singular road to breaking into the music industry. There are many different routes to take whether it be through university, trade, or even just pushing yourself without formal study. Here at Golden Impala, our staff has come from all different walks of life with varying goals and aspirations. We want to share some tips that have been universal here when pushing into the music scene!

Gain Experience

Obviously It’s a very difficult thing to gain experience in an industry that expects so much from you but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible early on. You can apply for internships, runner jobs, and starter positions within a studio or music production company. Apply to as many places as possible and push for it. The worst these companies can say is no. If you can’t seem to find a place that will accept you, start working on your own projects. Continuously push those projects no matter how big or small they are. In today’s age there’s no reason you can’t be working on something music related on your own. Get the most affordable equipment you can and treat your projects like they’re a full time job.

Create a presence

Something that new sound engineers, musicians, and artists in general tend to get wrong is their presence within the music community. Breaking in requires talent and hardwork for sure, but many neglect the connections you have to make along the way to really break in. It’s very rare that you can simply show talent and hope someone will take the time to listen. Network with other artists and like minded individuals. Build your presence on social media and use it to communicate with others and show off your work. Find ways to join groups or clubs that have music in mind and make yourself known. People always want to work with someone they like and they know. You are your own branding as an individual regardless of what side of the music industry you are on.

Surround yourself with people who know more than you

Creating a presence is extremely important in finding your way into the industry but, even more so, are the type of connections you make and with who. A good rule of thumb is to never be the smartest person in the room. Find other creators who can do what you can’t and reach out. Ask them questions and offer your help and support. Befriend people who can teach you and encourage growth in your passions.

Here at Golden Impala we deal with a lot of new faces and up and coming artists. We love to help nurture new talent and provide a space for our artists to grow in their craft. For more in person help book an appointment with us at – Golden Impala Book Now We hope to see you soon!