Remote Mixing and Mastering Services

Remote Mixing and Mastering in Hollywood

Don’t live in Hollywood but still want your songs to sound Hollywood? Not a problem. Many of our clients, who reside outside of Los Angeles, use our remote services. During mixing our engineers will mix all recorded layers: main vocals, double vocals, add-lips, harmonies, and etc.

Our team will organize your song to create a smooth relation between all tracks. The sound engineers will EQ, compress, use Auto-Tune (if requested) and apply professional engineering techniques. The final step is mastering. At this stage, our experts will polish and perfect the entire song by using high-end limiters, exciters, imagers, and spectral shapers.

Fill out an easy 3-step form, by including your uneffected vocal stems, instrumental, demo/reference track, and any additional notes. You will get your song back radio ready in 48 hours.




1. Fill out the form with your Name and Email.

2. Attach your files and wait while they are uploaded.

3. Write in the message which package you choose and any notes for your project.

4. Press Upload.

Our sound engineer will download your files in 2-8 hours and check that everything lined up and ready to go. After that we will be in touch with you through email with the payment invoice, so we can start working on your project and do our magic as soon as we receive the payment.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What’s the turnaround time for remote mixing and mastering?

    Turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

    How much do you charge for remote mixing and mastering?

    We charge $64/song.


    Do you offer remote mixing and mastering packages?

    Yes, you can send us all the necessary materials and we will mix and master the song for $64.


    Is your recording studio located in Los Angeles?

    Yes, Golden Impala is located in Los Angeles, between Hollywood and Downtown LA, at 3311 Beverly Blvd.


    How to prepare for remote mixing and mastering?

    Please see our “Remote Mixing and Mastering” page to fill out a 3-step submission form.


    How long does it take to edit a song?

    It takes 1-3 business days to mix and master your song.

    Have more questions?

    Visit our Recording Studio FAQ page for more details or call us at 310-595-4578.

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    Happy Customers

    "Golden Stage is where my soul is at peace, I put all my energy into the performance. It was my first open mic show in LA. Alone the energy is different but thrilling and I can't wait till next year to attend future Golden Stage shows!"

    Johnny Foresight

    "Excited to finally release my new song "demon of demons". Now streaming on all major platforms. Big thanks to Golden Impala for doing amazing work on my album and providing an outstanding quality of the songs!"

    Lyric Page

    "I won a music video during the Golden Stage Show and I have to say, THE VIDEO IS AMAZING!!!!! Everything looks great and my mind literally blows. I love it guys!! Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism."

    Jamie Bondega

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