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How to Work on your Music Career During a Pandemic. 


The past year has been some of the toughest times for musicians. It’s all been a learning experience for everyone. So don’t feel bad if you have been a little Dazed and Confused on what you think you need to do to take your career to the next level. I’m going to give you some TIPS on what you can do while you’re quarantined inside your house. 


Social Media


In this day in age i feel like if you’re not on every platform, you are behind. So start researching new platforms where you can push your music. You could even invest more time into the platforms you already have. Learn your audience on there, figure out what time is best to post and what they interact more with. 


Study New Music


This is a good time to transform your music and take it to the next level with something new. Pull out the history books, music theory, and maybe even ask your grandparents about some of their favorite artists back in their day. You never know you might get inspired from hearing music from back in your grandparents day or you could even spark an idea by running across something while reading a book on music. 




Lets get yourself organized. Things go alot smoother when you have a plan. So, get yourself a journal or even use the notes in your phone to write yourself a To Do List and your goals.