As an artist you may think that the music is the only thing you need to focus on. That’s the whole point of the music industry, right? Well, not completely. Of course your music is the number one focus but that’s only part of the equation. Your presence and the impression that you give off matters a great deal. A way to show off the skills and personality of your music is professional photography. Here’s a couple reasons why any artist needs them.

1. You look professional
People are more likely to take you seriously if you have high end pictures or footage. Selfies and normal pics are cool but remember, you’re promoting yourself as a product. Having something that’s captured by a professional will make you look professional, and not only to your fans. It can reach other professionals you want to impress and work with. It separates you from the amateurs.

2. It allows you to express yourself
Your music and brand is an extension of yourself. You’ll be able to show all of that off. You can style yourself the way you want to and really put out the images you want people to know you by. Show off why you’re unique and different from the rest with a photoshoot in what you find cool. Give off the vibe in your pictures that you want the listeners to feel when they hear your music. You have to embody your passions as a whole and fully send it out into the universe (or social media at least) in order to really make it in this industry. So start with your favorite outfit and a killer photoshoot!

3. It boosts your confidence
One thing that’s for sure in any creative industry, is that you need confidence! Sometimes you can be unsure of your work and what you’ve created even if it’s amazing. You might be nervous to put yourself out there because you’ve never done it before. A great photoshoot could change that! You could come out looking like you never thought you could and that could make all the difference in feeling yourself and feeling your brand!

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