Golden Impala is proud to announce our new product! We wanted to create something new and needed in our industry and after some long hard working nights, our concept became a reality!
We invented the Remote controlWireless Microphone Lift!

Its clean and sleek design takes up hardly any space and offers a much needed alternative to bulky mic stands. It extends from 24” up to 44” from the ceiling.
A single arm mounted from the roof extends down to accommodate a wide range of heights in the booth. It is a remote operated system which allows for control of the lift from anywhere in the room.
The remote has options to extend or rescind the arm holding the microphone. It has simple installation as well, with just four screws and a power cord needed for set up!

Having room and space in the studio is much needed for creative expression. Dozens of wires and stands around is too much when you could eliminate the set up with the lift!

We have a pending patent for our invention. You can buy our smart device for $590 + shipping $80.

Product size: 8″x8″x24″

Minimum length: 24″

Maximum length:44″

Input voltage: 12V DC

Rated current: 3Amp

Made and Designed in CA, Los Angeles





Assembly instructions